About Us

The Wanderlust Tea Company owes an awful lot of its origins to its name. Our team is comprised of many dutiful adventurers – in travel, life, hobby, and imagination. There’s a special mix of bravery and challenge in choosing now to start a new business for us, but wanderlust is a fickle beast, and does not take kindly to being told to ‘wait,’ especially when the opportunity presents itself. It gets grumpy.


We’re serious about tea. We love to drink it, we love to share it, we love to learn more about it. In many cultures, tea becomes a focal point for social events and hospitality, be it an excuse for an afternoon cuppa among friends, or a multi-step ceremony performed for honored guests and visiting loved ones. No less for us and many others. We share tea with old friends around hearth and home. We share it new friends after weary days of adventure and excitement. We share it with fresh acquaintances when traveling, recounting stories of our journeys. It’s easy to speak over a warm cup of tea, easy to offer one, and its complexities are as varied as the directions we take in life. So yeah – tea is serious business for us. Conveniently, it’s also an actual business for us.

Ultimately, we’re a group of friends that are keen on what we drink, are passionate about offering quality and clarity to others, and are continually trying to outdo ourselves. We’re also hopelessly silly, and enjoy what we do – and hope that you will too.


If you need to get in contact with Team Wanderlust, regarding events, orders, or anything in particular, you can message us at: orders@wanderlusttea.com!