Our Projects

You should hear some of the ideas we’ve come up with. Seriously. We’re always batting around ways to bring tea into people’s lives and improve upon Wanderlust’s design, but we’ve solidly ruled out gems like “sock puppet youtube series” and “tea rodeo.” The mind does terrible, terrible things after being driven with caffeine for 72 hours…

All that terror aside, the actual projects and goals we are working towards are exciting to us! We share them here (and our updates) so you know what to expect from us in the future:


  • Tea Expansion: Rooibos & Herbal Blends: We absolutely love herbal teas. Rooibos and Honeybush make great caffeine-free tisanes, and the magic that can be done with the right mixture of herbs and fruit is something we’ve been experimenting with for a while. This is Project Numero Uno right now, and we’re working on either small-batch offerings or crowd-funding alternatives well before the start of the 2013 Holidays.
  • Sampler Sets: This is another one of those top-of-the-list projects, and one we’d like to have firmly in the “Done!” category before the end of the holiday season. We source our teas with a strong eye towards quality and diversity, but there’s a breadth of themes to them and excellent opportunities to pair them with each other. This is an educational thing, too, as a novice of premium loose-leaf tea might be overwhelmed by choice initially, whereas a sampler offering a choice of teas chosen by region, astringency, exotica, or taste makes for a great starting point (and excellent gift). Larger gift boxes that include hardware, as well as holiday kits, would be the logistic step after.
  • Teaware Expansion: Pots, Kettles, Tools: Stocking hardware is surprisingly tough in a small office! This is more a matter of finding the space!
  • WanderBlog weekly series: Writing about tea is awfully fun, and keeping on top of our blog is a priority – for sharing the what’s-what at Wanderlust as much as for the fun stuff. But a big part of the growing tea culture is education, and is a part we have no interest in neglecting! Expect to see blog entries from Wanderlust folks dispelling some of the complexities of the tea world and taking closer looks at favorite blends, as well as more light-hearted content. The stuff we (and you!) like the most might be made into recurring series.