• Cacao Husk

    • From $5.00 to $22.00

      We are excited to offer a unique taste experience in this new tisane, made from the winnowed husks of ethically sourced, organic cacao beans! During the chocolate-making process, chocolatiers roast cacao beans and then remove the outer shells to obtain the nib. These husks retain a tiny portion of the cocoa nib and the aromatic oils that give chocolate its flavorful characteristics, so when steeped in hot water – they make an intense, cocoa cuppa!

      Our husks come from beans hailing from Bolivia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. This blend yields a richly aromatic, slightly spicy cup reminiscent of Mexican drinking chocolate.

      Important: We highly recommend two teaspoons of tea and one teaspoon of sugar per cup when making this tea! The sugar fully awakens the cocoa flavor, similar to adding sugar to cocoa powder for a pleasing hot chocolate.

      • Pairs well with fruit, pepper-heavy foods, and chocolate cravings.
      • Steep Time: 160-180° for 3 minutes
      • Caffeine Light
      • winnowed cacao husks