• Earl Grey Crème

    • From $2.00 to $10.00

      We admit it: we love Earl Grey teas. Be it a tall cuppa with a book on a crisp autumn day, or sipping it on the bridge of a starship, this recognizable blend has captured more than its fair share of tea lovers as the most popular tea of the Western world. Traditionally a strong black tea flavored with oils from the bergamot orange (common to Italy and southern France), our Earl Grey Crème includes one of our favorite variations: a measure of creamy vanilla, to elevate and round the brisk citrus undertones into a drink fit to crave.

      • Pairs well with scones, cheese, simple meals, and light speed.
      • Steep Time: 200°-212° for 3-4 minutes
      • Black tea, blue cornflowers, oil of bergamot, and vanilla flavor