Genmaicha is one of those teas that either you love, or you stare at in confusion. This blend mixes high-grade Japanese bancha with gloriously nutty toasted rice – often called “popcorn tea” for its unique appearance, we just call it good eats.

This tea has a roasted, toasty flavor from the rice, and drink exceedingly smoothly; a mellow and nuanced cuppa. As it brews up rather substantial, it makes for a perfect mid-day drink in between meals, and pairs up with traditional Asian-style meals like a champion.

  • Pairs well with noodles, rice, salty foods, and movie-night popcorn.
  • Steep Time: 160°-180° for 3 minutes
  • Green tea and toasted rice

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By Dominique - November 02, 2015

Excellent for every day drinking. Earthy and toasted flavors. Can get two infusions from a heaping teaspoon.



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