• Jasmine Monkey King

    • From $4.00 to $18.00

      Our Jasmine Monkey King is a scented green tea, left to mingle with freshly cut jasmine flower blossoms and absorb their aroma. Each batch of jasmine tea requires patience, as the tea is left to rest with the blossoms for several hours a day, a repeated process that can take weeks!

      We enjoy this tea for its strength and balance. Our offering has the bright, powerful aromatics of jasmine as any such tea should, but without overwhelming the senses. In the cup, the flowers play off of quality green tea, gifting the drinker with a sweetly brisk cuppa accented with floral that shares the stage, rather than fill it!

      • Pairs well with vegetarian dishes, delicate desserts, and served as a killer iced tea!
      • Steep Time: 160°-180° for 3 minutes
      • Green tea