Manjushree Assam


This estate tea originates from the Assam region of India, known for teas that brew to a rich-red color with strong flavor. Ours is no different: this lively cuppa has surprisingly low astringency and is pleasant to drink, with its balanced flavor tinged with a subtle sweetness.

  • Pairs well with red meat, hardy vegetable dishes, and most moments of the day
  • Steep Time: 200°-212° for 3-4 minutes
  • Black tea

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By Kristin - December 04, 2013

I’ll be honest. I had no intention of ever buying this. I’m the type that prefers my sweet, fruity, herbal teas. So this was clear out of the picture. Then I was gifted a sample container. I decided to give it a try. Life has never been the same. This is now one of my favorite teas to drink. It is absolutely delicious and perfect for any time of the day. It is an absolutely delicious tea.


By Thalia - March 24, 2015

I feel like this may be a skewed review, because I’ve never met an Assam I didn’t love. That said, I love this one best. It’s sprightly and snappy and bright and fun, and I drank a pot by myself because I didn’t want to be done drinking it.



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