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Rooibos is an herbal, caffeine free plant produced primarily in South Africa, and is processed in similar fashion to tea. Most importantly, however, it’s delicious – rooibos brews to a deep reddish cuppa with natural malty tones and no astringent tones, while taking things like honey and milk just as a dark black tea would. For those avoiding caffeine or looking for something warm that isn’t going to keep them up at night, rooibos more than makes the grade when satisfying those cravings,

  • Pairs well with fish, rich cheeses, and late nights.
  • Steep Time: 212° for 5 minutes
  • Caffeine Free
  • Rooibos

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By David - March 10, 2016

I gave this a try mostly because I’m still very new to loose leaf tea, and this sounded like something I couldn’t screw up XD. What I got was a delightfully different cup of tea that I could enjoy at any time of the day, with a naturally sweet taste that doesn’t overpower (that I can’t screw up XD). The only reason this isn’t five stars is because of my preference for the citrus sunset mix. I highly recommend giving one of the rooibos blends a try.

As a side note, the very nearly powdery nature of this tea means that it can be a little messy, don’t be alarmed by stray bits in your cup.



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