• Russian Caravan

    • From $3.00 to $10.00

      Strong, aromatic, and unique, Russian Caravan blends are renowned for the heady smoked flavors imparted to them. Origins of the blend are rooted in 18th century trade caravans, where long journeys would impart a smokiness upon the tea being transported from the traders’ campfires. Today, this historical blend is made with a smoke-dried tea called lapsang souchong to lend it its characteristic flavor. Strong, bold, and smoky, our Russian Caravan is made with high quality lapsang, Keemun, and oolong teas to balance the good-morning-world smokiness with malt and caramel notes.

      • Pairs well with strong flavored foods, barbeque, lumberjacks, and all on its own
      • Steep Time: 200°-212° for 3-4 minutes
      • Black tea