• Temi Estate Sikkim FTGFOP-1

    • From $4.00 to $24.00

      The Temi Estate is the only tea garden in India’s Sikkim region, and produces a range of renowned teas that bear similar characteristics to Darjeeling vintagesWe’ve sourced and carry a top-grade offering – an example of Indian black tea at its very best!

      This tea is a rich and malty sipper, with a lingering quality that begs for just one more cup. Brisk with an air of subtlety, it lacks the deeper astringency of a Darjeeling but retains alluring top notes of wood and honey, while boasting a smooth, warming quality reminiscent of a fine wine or scotch. Moreover, it boasts flavor enough to stand up to strong spicing, making it a fantastic tea for meal pairing.


      • Pairs well with cheese, curry, rich meats, and  giant leather armchairs.
      • Steep Time: 200°-212° for 3 minutes
      • Black tea