• Vanilla

    • From $3.00 to $12.00

      We’re super picky when it comes to vanilla – it’s surprisingly easy to get a simple flavor wrong! This blend, however, more than meets our muster. Inspired by sugar sorcerers everywhere, our Vanilla Black is meant to indulge (or perhaps kick-start) your sweet-tooth. Made with Nilgiri tea and vanilla beans, the aroma of this tea speaks immediately of freshly baked cookies and brown sugar. The brew itself highlights our tea, with gentle accents of vanilla and a lovely nose. Taken with a bit of milk and sugar, this tea fulfills cravings we didn’t know we had, and also makes for a delightfully refreshing iced tea!

      • Pairs well with warm summer nights, COOKIES!, and tuning out the world.
      • Steep Time: 200°-212° for 3-4 minutes
      • Black tea, vanilla beans, and vanilla flavor