The Glory of Goodies

The Glory of Goodies

With our Launch Day and our first public shipments under our belt, it’s pretty exciting finally being in the saddle!

That said, as our first packages of tea reach thirsty doorsteps, one of our ways of saying “Thank you” to our friends and customers should become immediately apparent: free swag.

Sample freebies aren’t unheard of in the industry, but they’re extra important to us. We send some along with each of our online orders, but as good merchants, try to pair them up to our audience’s preferences! That could mean a tin of the current hot trend around the shop, but even more, it could be us saying, “Hey, you clearly like these teas based on your ordering history. We think you might like this!”

We’re kinda tea nerds, so that sort of thought process is a surprising amount of fun.

So yes – expect free goodies with each order you place. And don’t forget to review their excellence to share with the rest of the Wanderlust community!

Happy Tea Times!


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