• Tung Ting

    • From $10.00 to $50.00

      While Taiwan is famous for their semi-oxidized teas, this Tung Ting is among the finest of green oolongs. Sometimes called Dong Ding (and loosely translated to “Frozen Summit”), this is a high-mountain tea from Nantou county, hand-processed from young leaves and rolled into its characteristic semiball shape.

      Tung Ting has an aromatic nose, mingling the sweet fragrance of orchids with a touch of caramel. Once steeped, this tea releases an explosion of flavor in a toasty-rich liquor, rounded with notes of toasted sesame. It drinks smooth and clean, with a full, satisfying mouthfeel. And like many oolongs, Tung Ting re-steeps beautifully, thus inviting the drinking to experience a surprising depth of flavor from cup to cup!

      • Pairs well with stirfry, bibimbap, pho, and contemplative afternoons.
      • Steep Time: 180°-200° for 2-3 minutes
      • Oolong tea